Here are some of my favorite “rides” over the last 20 years!

I just love the 1969-1972 first generation K5 Chevy Blazers. If I could I will always own one of these!

What can I say, was living the dream. Single living in MT and making a lot more than i was as a school teacher. Didn't know how to budget or save, but did have some cool vehicles, including this H1 hummer with KILLER sound system and many more options.

OK, this one was all on my job! I was consulting and spending over $1,000 a month on simple rental car for years, so I convinced client they could save money by allowing me to lease a car for remainder of my onsite. Turns out that was 2 weeks shy of my full in other words, I got to drive this fun car for 3 years on someone else's dime!

I always thought these were cool. Ability to remove rear cab and open it up...almost like my blazer. Just a fun, and very sexy looking truck!

We wanted a fun MT "summer" convertible and were looking at older models (Miata, Pontiac Solstice....), but then found this on internet for a steal. For just a little more mula, we were able to get this 420HP mustang GT. Unfortunately it is a automatic and base GT, but sure is a blast to drive!

This is my latest baby! I love this truck and have been wanting one for a long time. Had to sell "Big Red" in order to get this, but it has all the bells and whistles and I got a great price buying it two years old. Company called Tuscany makes these FTX, the Yellow Tonka Trucks and the black Special Ops models direct from dealer.

When I bought this house with friend Kurt, back in 2003 it was very old and very plain. Started by gutting a lot of the inside. Removing some walls around the kitchen and painting the old outdated kitchen cabinets.

With the help of my buddy Keith Wellens and his crew from Oregon we started on "mom's addition". We built her own separate space next to and above the existing two car garage, adding an additional 2100 SQ' Ton of hard work, including helping with foundation prep and cement, tear down of existing garage, and all the pieces that went in to make this happen.

Phase 3 of house addition. Working on both expanded decks, lawn work, and inside trim and finishing touches