Here are some of my favorite “rides” over the last 20 years!

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  • 1st Generation K5 Chevy Blazers

My best friend in high school had an 72 blazer that we went everywhere in. Removing top in winter, chevy 350, etc....has made this a top choice for me for a MUST HAVE vehicle. Thus, when another friend's brother had one for sale up in Butte, MT, i had to jump on it. Fixed ton of rust, and had it painted (not best quality), This was my first 1st generation K5

This blazer was a beast with 1 1/4 ton axles, lockers, full roll cage. Unfortunately did not make a very good daily driver so had to get rid of it. NOTE - most of these pictures are from previous owner, but had to include them here

I loved this blazer and kick myself every day for selling it! This is one i did most of the work on myself. It came with lift and paint but i redid axles, installed new wiring harness (after viewing youtube video), created custom fiberglass speaker enclosures, installed digital gauges, and many other things!